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Re: Henman slays 3 GS champs to win Paris Masters title

Funny so few discussions of 01

I can see why. Everytime I think of that I want to shove my balls in a blender and rip my hair out. Guess it's how t-doc felt when Murray won the USO
I mentally blocked that match from my mind. While it was great to see Goran finally win Wimbledon, Henman really should have won that match. Then he would have gone on to face Rafter, someone he'd already beaten at Wimbledon before...just eugh. Then again knowing Henman he probably would have choked the final anyway.
well he owned Gaudio, even on clay

was like 3 service holds from beating Coria in that Semi final

12 points from winning French Open 2004
I've often thought how utterly ironic it would have been if Henman, the archetypical grass court player would have won his one and only Grand Slam on clay courts, where he useless most of the time. It would have been as weird as Andy Roddick winning his only GS on clay.

Anyone know why Henman was relatively speaking quite duff at the Aussie Open? It seems like he had at least three really favourable draws to go deep there and yet it was the only GS he never reached the Semis of, just seems weird as he always had a decent hard court game. We never had the Aussie Open on normal TV back when I was young so I never got the chance to see him playing there. Then again aside from his SF, his USO record was one of underachievement as well considering he was always quite handy on a fast hard court. He should have had multiple QFs and SFs there as well as Wimbledon.
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