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Re: Tennis Tipping #38b - Izmir - Sunday OOP in post #119!

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
New Doubles Draw:

00:00 | (1) Freshi/Chrissi (GER/GER) vs. Rafael Reis/doctorlopes (ESP/GBR)
00:00 | Sonja1989/TheBulldog (HUN/GBR) vs. ESimp/ThePhenom (CAN/ROU)
00:00 | (4) njnetswill/Thunderfish8 (USA/USA) vs. Lazyking/Jakezie (USA/GBR)
00:00 | djadjakone/Nuk (XXX/XXX) vs. direnan/Mariagsc1 (SWE/BRA)

00:00 | Samuel Guilherme/Felipe Abe (BRA/BRA) vs. Pauchis/molosztash (ARG/TUR)
00:00 | Sham Kay/Eddy DoubleD (GBR/ROU) vs. (3) Mahqz/appleGirl (GER/ISR)
00:00 | nickelS/Crvena Zvezda (RUS/SRB) vs. hat__boy/SamR03A (XXX/XXX)
00:00 | rafagami/FernandoToshiba (BRA/BRA) vs. (2) YEBRA/kr1s71an (ESP/BUL)

Sorry if you would've been seeded Rafael Reis and doctorlopes, but this is the best solution I could think of. Gillouthe best/stripes will be the 1st alternate for doubles
Wrong rankings again.

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