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Re: Henman slays 3 GS champs to win Paris Masters title

Originally Posted by Hensafmurrafter View Post
My favorite week in the history of tennis. It's a shame we will probably never see a player again with a game as beautiful as Tim's.
yes! And yes!

Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
The Tiger's 2003 Bercy title and 2004 RG semi-final runs were both such great tennis memories.
I loved his playing style. I was very happy to finally see him live against the silver fox Sanguinetti at Queen's in 2003.
Yes I saw him live at Queens too! It was great, aside from the fact that it was a NID loss to Hewitt, ahh well

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Forgot Henman had a RG semi-final
you better believe it. That was his best chance imo. A set and a break up vs. Coria and 5-3 up in the 4th.

Welcome to MTF...
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I'm gonna be checked again. Guess where i am going ?
The guy started massaging my balls harder and faster. I was so relaxed and disconnected i didn't notice, but my body did i had a massive boner and apologized, then he told me "are u excited, uh?" and it was obvious where he wanted to go .. inside my a**
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