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Re: Kevin Anderson: An Open Letter Regarding My Decision Not to Play Davis Cup

In 2011 I played Davis Cup because it was financially attractive to do so; I was able to cover my expenses during the Davis Cup week and also the opportunity cost of adjusting my tournament schedule. However for this tie against Canada, TSA was not able to provide the support that justified me sacrificing my schedule and increasing my risk of injury. If I am injured during Davis Cup play, which happened last year, I receive no support, assistance or insurance from anybody. I am on my own.
By that logic, you wouldn't play any tournament as there is allways a risk of injury.

I would also like to clarify my participation in the World Team Tennis (WTT) finals this week. My decision to play WTT finals came months after my choice not to play Davis Cup. About a month ago, I was asked if I wanted to compete in the finals of the WTT, which happens to take place the same weekend as the Canadian Davis Cup tie. The physical demands of WTT (which consists of a first to 5 games singles and doubles match) cannot be compared to a Davis Cup tie (which potentially involves 3 different 5 set matches over 3 days). Anybody who suggests otherwise clearly does not know the facts.
Being the best South African player I'm sure you are in good position to negotiate that you will only play 2 matches max. If you want to play another tournament, that's up to you, I don't have a problem with it, but don't come up with poor excuses.

At the end of the day, I believe that I have to look out for my own career and my family’s future. My whole life I have made countless sacrifices in order to be the best athlete I can be. Unfortunately, sometimes that means making tough decisions, especially when it comes to Davis Cup. I am a proud South African and I don’t believe I have to prove this by sacrificial Davis Cup participation, 3 times a year. I proudly represent South Africa every time I step out onto the court; I fundamentally believe that South African representation at ATP, WTA and Grand Slam events is just as important for tennis in South Africa as the Davis Cup.

OMG, 3 times a year?!

How dare they subject you to such a sacrifice, specially for a guy who allways goes deep in the tournaments the week before, right, right?
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