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Re: Who the hell on he tour hits a heavy topspin TWO-HANDED backhand?

Originally Posted by Forehander View Post
How is it impossible to generate great topspin with the two handed backhand? Some of you even play tennis? You drop your racquet until you feel you're underneath the ball so that your left forearm snaps as you make contact with the ball. Relax your right hand and let your left side dictate the natural swing motion so you may get your balance, so essentially you're like hitting your backhand like it's your forehand. Once you find the natural flow and as you're underneath the ball, your left arm follow through will finish up almost on top of your head like you've just hit a reverse forehand. It's just a left handed forehand, simple. Impossible? No. The backhand topspin shot will always be undermined by the dominant forehand, which have the upper hand in creating paste and spin.
good explanation. I play tennis myself and if I hit a topspin forehand using my LEFT arm it would feel very unnatural. So that's why hitting a topspin backhand probably feels very unnatural too. It just comes naturally to hit the backhand flatter because you want to use your right arm a lot even in the 2h backhand to really crank up the power. Playing heavy topspin I would no doubt frame-hit a lot of backhands.

Top players are more coordinated yes but if they never practice on it it's going to be hard for them to. It's just not natural. If you really wanted to play your BH like your topspin forehand it would almost be best to be perfectly double-handed, that is not having one clear dominant hand. Maybe that's why some of the "magicians" like Santoro for example mastered the double-hander fully. Strikes me as a guy who could probably even play with the racket in his other hand and still do alright.

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