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Re: Rafael Nadal Injury/Health Update Thread : Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC etc

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
Wonder if you will be saying the same things before Roland Garros next year when Nole wants his career slam
There are distinct differences in wishing players a healthy recovery/see them get back on courts soon and wanting them to win over your own fav player. Nole fan was talking about the first part which has nothing to do with the second. You interpret it like both are the same.
It's not impossible to miss/admire a player that isn't your favorite and wanting your own fav player to surpass said player in the same context. If Nole was injured I'd certainly miss him too as a tennis fan and want him recover quickly and get back on court but that doesn't mean I won't be rooting for my own fav player if they met in the finals or before.

One thing I noticed and I can specify names is that many of these tards or haters spend more time hating said people, players instead of spending their time on their own section. If you hate Nadal, Djo, Murray, Fed or whatever player isn't it quite ironic, sad that the haters spent WAY more time on those players they hate ? It's basically attention whoring - An insecure person that is so emotionally unstable and needy, that they have to constantly be coddled and be the center of attention in any given situation. Or a person that is so insecure about their own intelligence and the above average intelligence of everyone in the room, that they constantly need to talk out of their ass about stupid random things that nobody cares about, constantly giving little factoids about the same subject(and the only one they know about) over and over and over and over again, as well as speaking in an overwhelmingly loud voice to overpower anyone else that cares to get a word in. All while being hilariously unaware that everyone in the room takes a deep sigh and rolls their eyes when this person starts to speak.I just pity the tards who can't keep an open mind without prejudices, hate etc. who can't appreciate the sport for what it is instead like it for they want it to be.
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