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Re: Sore fingers

Originally Posted by Solidify View Post
Hi everyone. I'm new here and thought that maybe someone could help me out.

I've been playing tennis (unprofessionally) with a buddy for about 6-7 years now and just the other day, I began experiencing a pain I had never before experienced. When I make contact with the ball and follow-through, I feel that the joints in all of my fingers on my right hand are very sore (almost like I have arthritis). I'm a 20 year old male by the way. The only change that I could remember having done within that period is that I added is a rubber grommet (or a vibration dampener) and an over-grip. I did my fair share of research and the reason I'm getting those pains are most likely because I hold the racket too tight or with a grip that isn't suitable for the way I play. While referring to the following image, I use something between a continental to an eastern grip (depending on what time of shot I'm aiming for).

I'd appreciate it if I could get some extra advice from you guys.

Well honestly a nearly impossible question to pinpoint and answer. Only things I can suggest are try to play with other rackets that have smaller/larger grips. You could also be overplaying lately or perhaps you haven't played a while and it is sore because of that. I mean there could be many reasons, however, I must say such an injury like that I have personally never heard of in all my years, at least in terms of being caused by tennis. Really, the biggest area the tennis racket would affect is your forearm and wrist, so fingers are a bit perplexing which is why I suggest considering different grip sizes. Hell, maybe you do have some type of joint issue that may not be tennis related.. With computers, cellphones and typing being such a daily activity in many people's lives, it wouldn't be surprising if you found out you had some actual joint problems.

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