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Re: With the slowing of the surfaces and mega defense, should modern players volley m

Originally Posted by AnotherGameFor View Post
I think that volleying is dead because of the racquets. The Murray-Raonic match, especially in the 3rd set where Raonic was coming to the net all the time was a perfect example of the problem. Raonic would hit a good approach with Murray 5+ feet off the back of the court and in the double alley on the full run and stretch and then hit a perfect cross court passing shot that bounced halfway between the net and service line. When players can hit the ball with pace and that short from any position on the court, it makes volleying almost impossible. Combining that with a slow court and a high bounce, these guys can get to almost any drop volley and good deep volleys without difficulty as well.

So, if you want to bring back volleying (which I think would be good), you need to reduce topspin.....
Raonic's net positioning and agility at the net were the bigger issues, I thought, he's no Pat Rafter. Murray hits a cross court pass 99% of the time off the forehand and Raonic gave him that pass all night. Gotta close at a more imposing angle and cut off Muzza's best shot. Make him go down the line and then hit the winning volley.

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