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Re: Do you think this era will be remembered as a subpar era? (Era debate)

Its a weak era by design. Two Major major things have contributed to this.

#1 32 seeds in the majors...ask yourself how has this made a difference compared to previous 16 seed draws

#2 Court surface manipulation.....this was really the tipping point

The entire system is based around protecting your sport figurheads....the federers...the nadals....the Novaks....the murrays.....In the past you would have players that could break through. Now its all about endorcement deals etc. etc.

The next most distructive thing in the game for the next ten years I predict will come from the organizations such as the USTA. They seem to be operating under a sort of extortion business plan now and with time they will bottom out the sport at the recreational level so you wont be able to step foot on a public court in the US without forking some "contribution" to the USTA. Thus pushing the entire sport into the realm of the elite etc. etc.
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