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Re: Andy Murray: one slam wonder?

Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
So Andy Murray hasn't won a slam in the past 5 minutes. Will he ever manage to win another?
Who cares? The other recent 1 slam wonders I can think of (Ferrero, Moya, Gaudio, Johansson, Roddick*, JMDP) have done pretty much sod all outside of their 1 golden moment, where as Murray has already proved he is not there by luck alone as this was his 5th crack at it. Hence I don't think anyone can realistically say this was just a lucky tournament.

I don't think Andy is going to win loads of slams purely because the competition is too tough and his style of play is insanely physically demanding. However, I do think he will win another and assuming he stays free of major injuries he will probably have 4 or 5 by the time he retires.

*with the exception of Roddick, who IMO has also proved he was not just a lucky 1 hit wonder... if it wasn't for Federer he would be a 4 or 5 time Wimbledon champ to add to that 1 USO win.
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