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Re: S.Q.T. (stupid question thread)

Originally Posted by mreccentric View Post
Wont it depend whether its left hander/ right hander? Ex: Consider two left handers playing as a team. Does it change ad and deuce courts?
Another ques, Leander always plays in deuce court and Bhupathi plays always in ad court while receiving the serve. Always, RIGHT?
The court doesn't change. The right hand side of the court is always called the deuce court and the left hand side is always called the ad court. It doesn't matter if you're right or left handed. It's not like cricket where the on-side and off-side are determined by whether the batsman is right or left handed.

If you have a left hander and a right hander, usually the left hander will start on the ad court and the right hander on the deuce court since they are more likely to have to use their forehands on their respective sides of the court. With two left handers, it is a good team strategy for the player with the better backhand to take the deuce court. The reverse is true where you have two right handers.

Back to the Bhupathi-Paes example...both of them are right handed. So if Bhupathi has a stronger backhand than Paes (and Paes has a better forehand than Bhupathi) then it makes perfect sense for him to always stay on the ad side of the court. Note that staying on one side of the court only applies in games where you are receiving - in your team's service games you alternate between sides as the server alternates from the deuce court to the ad court.

Originally Posted by Mental Giant View Post
Has anyone ever hit a shot with so much spin it bounces back over their net without the opponent hitting it? what would happen then?
This question has been answered in this thread just a few pages ago (video examples included).
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