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Sore fingers

Hi everyone. I'm new here and thought that maybe someone could help me out.

I've been playing tennis (unprofessionally) with a buddy for about 6-7 years now and just the other day, I began experiencing a pain I had never before experienced. When I make contact with the ball and follow-through, I feel that the joints in all of my fingers on my right hand are very sore (almost like I have arthritis). I'm a 20 year old male by the way. The only change that I could remember having done within that period is that I added is a rubber grommet (or a vibration dampener) and an over-grip. I did my fair share of research and the reason I'm getting those pains are most likely because I hold the racket too tight or with a grip that isn't suitable for the way I play. While referring to the following image, I use something between a continental to an eastern grip (depending on what time of shot I'm aiming for).

I'd appreciate it if I could get some extra advice from you guys.

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