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Re: Ferrer Video o DVD matches

Originally Posted by evjenia View Post
Thank you very much for such a detailed answer! By the way, do you know there are usually all the spanish press conferences of him on spanish eurosport page? For example this But don`t worry, won``t ask you to translate, that would be too much.
Anyway, good luck to Ferru today, although I am scared of a helpless lost, like to Nadal on RG((
Ok, I feel like having me a little bit of Ferru translation (As usual, I'm warning you that I'm never 100% sure of my Spanish translations... Also I can barely hear the questions so I have to do a little guesswork)

(It starts in the middle of an answer)
In the 5th set, when he had break points and he couldn't convert them, it was difficult because Tipsarevic was serving very well, but the match had a lot of moments of tensions, he knew that physically it was difficult and Tipsarevic would be tired too. So in the end he managed to seize the opportunities and he kept believing in himself.

I think the woman asks him if he likes to play close matches like this.
He says it's OK, he enjoys it, he enjoys playing very emotional matches. He remembers once he played a very close match against Verdasco, and that time he had lost 7-6 in the 5th set and he was very sad, but this time, it ended differently.

Then I assume the guy is asking him about when he got mad at the umpire at the end.
He says that, well, he made a mistake and it was his fault, because there was so much tension, he thought that Janko had asked for a challenge and he got angry. These are moments with a lot of tension, 4h30 hours, a tie-break, so on...

Then the guy asks if he'd better play against Del Potro or Djokovic.
He says they're just both so good, both of them, it doesn't matter much, whenever they're playing well it's extremely difficult to beat them. After such a long and difficult match, he's so tired, he probably won't even watch the match, he'll just be wanting to be with his team.

The guy asks if he thinks he can still stay in the shadows now.
He says he doesn't care, he just enjoys himself, being with his team, etc.

The guy asks something about Rafa (maybe quoting David as saying that "Rafa deserved to win everything he's won", I think)
He says he's very happy with his own career, and he thinks tennis is one of the fairest sports: those who are in final are getting what they have worked for, what they deserve.
And Rafa has brought a lot to Spanish tennis, he's an example to follow.(I think he says that without him he would not have achieved everything he has achieved in his career)

Then I absolutely cannot hear the question, seems to have to do with Rafa again, probably the fact that he's not there.
Ferru says he doesn't care, and I think he says he would have liked him to be here and maybe they would have both been in SF (?)
And he says he just works hard to do the best he can (meaning he does not really care about the Rafa comparison)

A guy asks which was the most difficult moment of the match.
He says it was in the 5th set when he was getting break points, but was failing to break, Tipsarevic was serving very well, it was a difficult moment.

A guy asks him about the change in the calendar, that moved the South American tournaments to December.
I think he says personally he doesn't like it, he thinks when you have done your season, you want to rest. He says if this is done then he will probably have to miss the South American tournaments, and he doesn't want to do that because he likes those tournaments, he does well there, and has friends there, etc... But he says if he has to play again in November, he won't be able to play at 100% of his abilities. He says it's bad for the tournament and for everyone.

A guy asks how the decisions are taken, if there was a vote.
He says that he didn't vote, he only told the ATP about his opinion. If they decide to make the change, he'll respect it, but he's got his own opinion on this.

A woman asks about Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez who had to retire because of an injury (I assume she's thinking of the Davis Cup double).
He says he left them a message, it's still very premature to say anything. He hopes Marc Lopez recovers quickly, because he's the best doubles player they have with Granollers, but otherwise there are some very good players they can count on.

An Italian woman asks if it's OK to ask a question in Italian, he says it's OK he understands. She asks what he thinks of Sara Errani, his friend, being in SF and having a great year.
He says he thinks she's a great player, she's very good, maybe people underestimate her because she's small, "piccola", she's got spectacular control in her game, he thinks she's obviously a top ten player, and he's not surprised of seeing her in the SF in Paris and QF in Australia, because she's good. He says her match against Serena will be very hard, because Serena is very strong, but he wishes her luck, he's very happy for her, and as a person she's one of the best.

That's all folks!
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