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Re: Ferrer Video o DVD matches

I know, I'm going through the same process Strange that he's been my fave for years but it's only now that I'm really discovering how cool he is. I think it's due to the fact that I'm only realizing now that it has become possible to watch virtually every tournament in the season (before, it was mostly TV, and that meant, the French Open and then almost nothing).

I also think he's far more attractive than Verdasco or Lopez, mainly because I don't like "playboys" who seem to be a little too aware of their sex appeal. Part of Ferru's appeal is that he doesn't seem to care. He's confident enough, but he's not vain, and he's not trying to be sexy.
And for some reason, I always find that people who are "unintentionally" sexy are far sexier than the ones who are consciously trying to be

Also, for me, it works in that way: I admire someone, I discover stuff that I like about his personality, then maybe I also find the person attractive. And then these factors just interact with each other and reinforce each other
When I first noticed Ferru I did find him quite attractive. But nothing to shout about. And then, I began to really love his attitude, and I discovered his off-court personality and how different it is, I discovered that he was actually a very sweet, clever, classy guy, and so on and so forth. His attractiveness is also far more obvious off-court, and his attitude is very charming and endearing...

I might try and translate some of those press conferences, maybe just a summary, when I have time. It's always good for me to listen to Spanish.
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