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Re: Federer : The Mother Of All Quests : 20 Slams And 100 Titles.

Originally Posted by Tag View Post
when you go from 1 player beating you in slams, to 3 players at least beating you, that is a massive increase. shall i mention the numerous 5 setters he's come back from this year?

tsonga would beat federer more often if he had a brain and backhand. fortunately for federer, he doesn't have a backhand either, but at least has a brain

only way federer reaches lendl's title mark is if he preys on estoril, toyko, rotterdam, memphis, lyon etc. he isn't going to do that, especially not next year when he can skip the masters series that he's crap at.

federer has the weeks at no 1, slams are what matters for him
The players i mention could beat Federer, but its not very likely, Murray in slams has no weapons vs Federer, and Nole can do it only on hard courts, RG/Wimby much less chance so you get my point.

When Federer is in good shape, Tsonga would not even make a brake, let alone winning or taking set. Like i said, Fed would destroy Tsonga this year.

Cheating scumbag.
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