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Re: the memphis belle!

Originally Posted by Debstah
Huh? Are you seriously insulting James? after all he has been through it's amazing he can WALK let alone play tennis again... speaking of unfair.

And, it's unfair that Mardy has been ingnored and dropped from Davis Cup? I love Mardy, but his game has been in the crapper lately. He hasn't made it out of the second round since the Olympics, that's pretty abysmal. He has to prove himself again before he deserves a lot of attention. I really hope he can do that, but until he does I think he's getting what he deserves. As for the "second tie" - we haven't even won the first tie yet, no one has said anything about the potential second tie.
Debstah, you don't get what I wrote. I am not insulting James, I was joking about him retiring from the game (Dutch humour I guess). And about Mardy, I meant that everyone was talking about Andre joining the team and nobody was mentioning that the consequence would be that Mardy was dropped. His performance has not been ok lately but I only revered to the fact that Mardy seemed to be ignored by PatMac and the media while covering the Davis Cup Andre thingie. And by second tie I mean second match of the first round, not second round. All clear?
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