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Re: Ferrer Video o DVD matches

Well... I'll try to give you a translation, but it's a bit rough, because I don't understand everything... Anyone with better Spanish skills, please feel free to correct me or add details!

Obviously they're asking him questions about his little habits / obsessions, because he starts all his answers with "la mania que tengo"... So I assume they're asking him about his habits in different situations.

At the beginning, he says that when he travels on an airplane, he likes to read magazines, or just sleep, because there are many hours of flight and you cannot do much anyway (I think he says that it's a bit like an anaesthetic - not 100% sure about this, but it sounded like that )

When he arrives at a destination, he just tries to get his suitcase as quickly as possible, and to get to the hotel as soon as possible in order to settle down and get used to the place.

Before a match... (and here I'm absolutely not sure that this is what he says... I understand "lucha" which means struggle, so maybe, he intends to always fight as he did the first day? don't know)
He warms up, prepares his rackets, talks to his coach a little. It's always the same.

He says he's not very religious, and he only counts on himself to struggle and win.

When he goes home, he always goes to visit his parents first, his family, his brother, his nephews, then he sees his friends (friends from his childhood...). His family is what he misses the most.

At home, they always have dinner together (I guess he means the whole family) because they like to share these moments.
Paella is his favourite dish, because it's a tradition in Valencia, it's his homeland, he loves paella.

I'm not sure what he says about Federer, but he mentions that he played against him 12 times and has never been able to beat him.
He talks about Rafa's obsessions, which he says pretty much everyone knows about (the lines, the bottles are always straight, the rackets always at the right angle, etc)... Tennis players in general have a lot of habits/obsessions.

He says his own little habit during matches is to change very often (changing his clothes, I assume), he never feels perfectly comfortable at first, there's always something that he needs to change.

And that's it
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