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Re: HBO game of thrones - anyone watching?

I love almost every storyline and character, but Daenarys doesnt do it at all with me, specially in the later books.

I really fucking love the family dynamics in the Boltons, Lannisters and the Greyjoys, I cant help but be attracted to the darker characters.

Cant wait to see how they do the Boltons, they have alot of catching up to do there. Greyjoys must fucking be done right, they nailed the Lannisters nd Tywin is even better in the series than the books. Cant wait for the show to take on the Victarion-Euron sibbling rivalry which really intrigues me, I love how Victarion is so fckng righteous, religious and moral but alltogether evil following the blue-orange warrior morality code of the ironborn, kind of reminds me of Khal Drogo.

10 best characters in the book:

1.Theon Greyjoy aka Reek
2.Jamie Lannister
3.Arya Stark
4.Tyrion Lanniser
5.Stannis Baratheron
6.Roose Bolton
7.Euron Greyjoy
9.The Hound
10.Victarion Greyjoy

In HBO series:

1.Arya (the child actress is just incredible!)
3.Tywin (all thanks to the great actor)
6.The Hound

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