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Re: Question about the Lifetime membership

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
When you register for the site you agree to the terms of use and the site's rules. When you purchase a premium membership be it lifetime or not you agree to the terms of use. This includes that you do not get immunity from the rules or from being banned. The lifetime status means the premium membership you have does not expire while your account is in good standing. If your account is banned its banned and you are removed from the site. If the party involved is concerned they are welcome to contact me directly to discuss this. In the case of Clay Death the account was registered in 2008 and the premium membership was purchased in 2009. This is not a case of just purchased this membership and now I was banned. They clearly have been here long enough to know the rules.
Well, even if I can't really agree with everything you say, at least that's not the usual evasive answer and you seem like a correct person.
I wouldn't even waste my time with all this mess but you know Clay Death has no "Steve" and "John" on this board, only his friends. In addition, I cannot comprehend how someone who used to abuse every feature of the board like Sapeod got brought back from permaban while a nice adult person like Clay Death who misbehaves only when provoked and even contributed some $ to this site is left banned.

Anyway, thank you for your answer and your time. If you had browsed the board more often you would know what kind of person CD is and that he doesn't deserve this ban. It's still not too late to peep into some of his posts...
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