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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! speedy recovery from shoulder injury.

So I watched that replay on all boiled up again the first 5 mins listening to these ppl, . I know, masochistic that I am. First they call him non-French, saying when he played Fish at RG, they wonder who the French crowd cheered for (I mean, huh? they think the French will ever cheer for Fish? Are they insane? I still have that match on file to show them who the French cheered for). They think Monfils plays with a lot of flair (if you call push push push then a circus jump to retrieve a ball "flair", then I guess he does). And then they said Simon gives trouble to the likes of Federer and Murray. What? have they ever watch Gilles played Andy the last 9 times? These ppl talked out of their asses, it's a shame that we can't talk back to tell them how stupid they are, no one holds them accountable for not having a clue.

I said it before, I say it again, I can't stand the American commentators, they like showboating, they like big servers, they love power, they don't respect anything else. Don't think the likes of Courier's ever appreciated as much even winning 4 slams in his time). I like the Brit commentators, most of them appreciate what Gilles brings to the table that not many is able to offer (the throw back game, not just over-powering everything). Last year USO the match Gilles played DelPo, the US commentary was so horribly against Gilles. Fortunately, I got the torrent that is from Sky (or maybe Eurosports) for the first 3.5 sets and it was a very pleasant match to watch. And I do have to say, the only American exception is Todd Martin, he knows about the players and he explains the game well. He was explaining the tactics when he commented Gilles' match against GGL last USO, very informative. When you watch on TV from an elevated camera angle, it's hard to see these subtle things like variations of the balls, and if you don't know how things work, it's not possible to watch and figure the tactic yourself (for casual fans I mean). Todd pretty much just walk you through the whole match what Gilles was doing to his opponent. I kinda feel bad for him that he gained that reputation for ruining Nole's serve (and I admit, I didn't like him being Nole's coach too bcos of the result). But I do think he's a good coach, because he really explains thing very well, he is a very smart guy.
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