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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! speedy recovery from shoulder injury.

Ok guys, a little bit of late retribution for our boy Gilles Simon. There is currently a rain delay going on today and they are going back and showing the Fish Simon match replay on ESPN2 but with live new commentary by Chris Fowler and John McEnroe. They once again even after the fact and the match being over and the press conferences given didn't know about Simon's shoulder injury or why he was playing the way he was and started once again poo pooing his game and mocking his 1st and 2nd serves. Even though it was all over and done with, it still got me fired up and steamed once again so I took action this time.

So, I knew that Chris Fowler was a very active social media guy and uses twitter and checks it often even during the commercial breaks and I follow him on twitter so I hopped on twitter and read him the right act and explained to him what was actually wrong with Simon and why he was serving and playing the way he was.

These were my tweets to him:

@cbfowler You & John McEnroe's commentary on the rain delay replay of Fish Simon is ridiculous. How could you not know about Simon's injury
@cbfowler Instead of ridiculing Simon for serving 90mph serves how about giving him credit for competing with a shoulder tear?
@cbfowler He is having to get infiltration now and will be out 3 weeks. I know he's not American but at least get the facts on the guy.
@cbfowler He deserves credit for winning his 1st 2 rounds on shear wil, grit & determination & not for throwing in the towel like others do
@cbfowler He's had this injury since after the Olympics. Lost 1st round Toronto; Couldn't play in Cincinnati & decided to give US Open a go
@cbfowler & the reason why Simon is looking exhausted & stretching his legs is because he had to win his 1st two rounds with no serve
@cbfowler He never once called 4 trainer either even though he could've. But of course let's mock the guy's serve & playing tactics instead
And sure enough, Chris Fowler checked his twitter. This was his response during the 1st commercial break after I had tweeted him those tweets:

I think playing with a shoulder "tear" is really unwise, if that's what it is. We are not mocking him, btw. We've complimented.
So then when they came back from commercial break they started singing a different tune about Simon and started talking about the shoulder injury and how Simon had lost 1st round in Toronto and pulled out of Cincinnati and that he was showing a lot of heart. Fowler of course didn't make any mention of where he got that info from but I don't really care nor want the credit, I just wanted the truth to come out for anybody who might have been watching this replay. Nobody better trash our guy or they will be sorry.
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