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Re: Mardy Fish Withdraws From US Open

Originally Posted by Fedfanohyeah View Post
With over 3k in posts I don't think your trolling. I hope its not Fish's heart because no one should have a heart condition. Fed could use the rest as well
I don't really understand your post at all to be honest. What is "trolling"? I have no idea what that word means but I do know that it is something negative. Anyways I never ever even thought one second about whether you thought I was "trolling" so I have no idea why you are saying this?? I was talking about my experiences and just how mean people have been to me about my heart condition. Roger is my fave of all time and Mardy is my fave American player so I really hope Mardy recovers fully and I hope Roger doesn't let this throw him off or bother him mentally because I know Roger likes to win the old-fashioned way and not via retirement or walkover. I know Roger is fond of Mardy and will not like Mardy to be sick or hurt.
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