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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. we all want Rafa back, even the haters :angel:

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
Yes, no hooplah well every time Canada win a major ice hockey tournament there is no reaction Yes, that's Canadian system you think needs improving, something you have a much better knowledge about than I do.

Norwegians are happy with their lawmakers for the most part when it comes to maximum sentencing if they weren't, then it would be addressed. There really isn't anything to discuss, there is maximum sentence and there are provisos to extend it in special cases. The media went overboard initially then they had options where people were able to get away from it.
I think there could be improvements in the American court systems and those in other countries. One is not limited to one's country of citizenship when offering an at least somewhat informed opinion of world events or systems. I don't deny that your knowledge of Norwegian court systems is more informed than mine.

"For the most part" - your words. Therefore, there are people in Norway who would change things if they could. Of course there are. No country has unanimous opinions on things. I never said the law didn't work. I said perhaps improvements could be made. I stick by that.

I agree with you about the role of the media. As an example, there are still some Americans who believe that some Sept. 11 terrorists entered the US through Canada. At least one American politician said this long afterwards. This is not the case; all hijackers entered North America through the US. The media is a whole different problem.

As for sports, which is not quite the same, before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the Prime Minister had to publicly ask Canadians to show patriotism and not be so reserved.

"There really isn't anything to discuss" - also your words. I agree with them. I have better things to do with my holiday than debate something with someone who, like me in this case, isn't willing to concede or change his/her opinion.

Have a good day.

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