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Question about the Lifetime membership

Ok so I'm ignorant about this whole lifetime membership thing so I would like the dear mod team to enlighten me about it. This is what I posted yesterday in the wrong section of the forum. Maybe it's full of erroneous speculation so please point out where I'm wrong and why. Thanks for your patience and wisdom:

Nekromanta:" Ok so let's discuss this... I make an internet forum and offer a "product" or service called Premium, LIFETIME membership for 25$. Then I pocket the money and simply ban the user permanently. Seriously, what kind of procedure is that? Ban the member for months, years, but permanently? If you're a serious, professional person, you have to give back the $ if you ban him permanently. The idea for this topic arose in connection with the Clay Death ban. Seriously people, in his case the LIFETIME membership was a big disadvantage. Did anybody warn him he could get permabanned, that is, cheated out of his money and screwed over? Does "lifetime member" in reality mean permanently banned member for a lifetime? It's especially painful because the victim of this financial and moral crime is my friend CD. (Of course I take that all back about the theft if he DID get his money back, got warned about the possible permaban, etc.) CD is good natured guy who's almost like a child, I'm going to miss him posting his pelican and boat pictures."

Also, it's never too late to reconsider unbanning Clay Death. I know there has been precedent for something like that and it would make many good people on the forum happy.
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