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Re: Tennis Tipping #36C - Shanghai OOP for Main draw posted! deadline 6am CET

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post
I do tend to agree with you but I'm not sure what to do otherwise..its in the rulebook that if there is no picks in a match that a LL goes there so the win isn't done by rankings.. The other option is to give the winner spot in next round of a no picks match a LL from this round.
This is the rule:

How to place Alternates and Lucky Losers in case players forget to send picks in?

They should be placed randomly.
If there are more spots than alternates/Lucky Losers:

1. Check if there are matches where both players didn't send picks. If so, the manager should place a LL there, so there is no win by Ranking.
2. After that, place all Lucky Losers in a way that the best ranked players (entry list rankings) go through to the next round, getting a W/O.
3. After that, if there are any alternates or lucky losers placed against a player/team who didn't send picks, the draw should be adjusted in order to give the byes to the best ranked players who enter the draw directly. The alternates and lucky losers should play their first round matches against the opponents of the players who were given the byes. Example:

Under number 3 you can see the part that should be used in this case. :wavey

:Tennis Tipping Rules & Questions

In your post you wrote about ALTs, so at first I thought that they could not enter here because ALTs can only enter in the qualification draw.
Later I found out that the 2 player are lucky loser so that rule can be applied here.
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