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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by Apophis View Post
Federer is just 2 third-round performances away to complete a full decade of winning his first 2 matches.

Round / Fed's best / Best excluding Federer
R128    52*          56   Ferreira (Edberg 54)
R64     38*          29*  Ferrer
R32     38*          28   Lendl
R16     33*          28   Lendl
QF      33*          14   Lendl (Djokovic 13*)
SF      23           10   Lendl (Djokovic 9*)
F       10           7    Crawford
W       3            6    Budge

* = active streak
record in bold
On schedule to hold the record for each round except the most important, wins.
I consider that Connors has 27 straight slam quarterfinals between Wimbledon 1973 and Roland-Garros 1983 : of course he didn't take part in the Australian open and in Roland-Garros for some time, but if you exclude all those who didn't play the Australian open, you exclude many players, especially in the 70s.
Moreover, Connors was not a claymug at all, there's no reason to think it's an unfair advantage to him to discount his absences in Roland-Garros.

For the semifinals and for the same reason, Connors is also second in my eyes with 11 semifinals between the US Open 1976 and the US Open 1980.

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