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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Here is an article including Swanton's (the reporter) comments:

Do you have a problem with that? Tomic rages over tank query

The 19-year-old lashed out at the Australian reporter when questioned about John McEnroe's accusations during television commentary that he had "tanked" during the latter stages of his second-round US Open loss.

"I feel a bit bad for him to be honest," Swanton said from New York today of his latest encounter with Tomic.

"I'm not sure if something got lost in translation [during the press conference], or if he thought that I was saying that he'd tanked. It all got a bit confused there somewhere along the line."

But Tomic's outburst has earned him few fans on Twitter, with some laughing at the teenager's bravado and his "Tony Soprano" attitude.

During commentary of the prime-time match, McEnroe labelled Tomic's effort during his 6-3 6-4 6-0 loss a "tank job".

"Tomic is teeing it up. It looks like the tank job," McEnroe said.

"This is a shame. You don't like to see this. I like to see Andy win but, other than that, it's poor.

"A well-deserved beating."

When McEnroe's comments were put to Tomic by an American journalist at the post-match press conference, Tomic surprisingly agreed.

"Well, I think he's probably right. I couldn't get the racquet on the ball," Tomic said.

"Andy was playing I think really good at the net, coming into the net."

Swanton then asked Tomic to clarify his stance on allegations of tanking, earning the wrath of the teenager who lashed out: "What do you think?"

Swanton responded that perhaps some people got the wrong impression from Tomic's relaxed style.

Tomic said: "That's how I play it. Do you have a problem with that?"

"That's your prediction. I have mine. That's how I play. If you think that's that, it's up to you."

He then asked for the journalist's name and media organisation, and said: "I'll remember ya."

Swanton today attributed Tomic's outburst to his "disaster night" and the pressure of the prime-time match against a retiring American champion.

"I feel for him in a pretty big way because the match was a huge occasion over here, with Roddick retiring. He [Tomic] was kind of thrown into the biggest sports story in America for that night," Swanton said.

"He also went straight from the court into the press conference. They normally have half an hour and they get briefed on what's likely to come up. But I think he was so peeved he just went basically from the court to the press conference, so I doubt anyone worded him up on how vicious McEnroe had been about him. The whole line of questioning probably came as a bit of a surprise."

Swanton also suspected he may have copped the blast because of his accent.

"The first time he was asked about it was by an American reporter, and it was a bit weird because he kind of agreed with McEnroe," Swanton said.

"That was also why I asked [again] because we just wanted to clarify and to see if he knew what he was saying. I'm not sure if it was just the Australian accent that made him arc up a bit."

Asked if he was concerned about potentially being blacklisted by the youngster, Swanton laughed and said there were no harsh feelings.

"It was in the heat of the moment. It's probably a bit unfair how much he has been copping it," Swanton said.
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