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Re: Bernard Tomic SLAMMED by Rafter, Masur - may be left out of Davis Cup

Originally Posted by Kooyong View Post
I think this is a case of Tennis Australia and the Aussie media having hyped Tomic up to the point that when he disappoints then they have to find fault.

Andy Roddock is doing what we have seen previously when a big name player reaches the end of their career they have one last big run.

I agree that Tomic should be disappointed with the third set but full credit has to go to Roddock for taking Tomic still developing game apart.

Come January the Aussie media will be all about how good Tomic is and how he is a big contender for the title.
To that i will add ( and trust me i'm not defending the guy), it was a tough situation to be in for any player with the retirement announcement, home crowd etc. You can see you're not a top player with a lot of experience where it would be a tough situation. Could have handled it better no doubt, but you gotta cut the kid some slack. Instead of bashing him in the press, probably should have rang the guy up and let him know what he was in for BEFORE the fact.
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