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Re: ~*Litita's & Ted's Cosy Café : Season 5 *~

Originally Posted by Eruwen View Post
My upstairs neighbor... She left today!

Originally Posted by Jenrios View Post
I was just waiting to see if Charlie would knock everything down on the window sill. He did soooooo well to last that long. He looks very healthy. He reminds so much of Arthur - but fluffier! Benito looks like he has grown as well.

I down-sized my tennis mags a few years back. You just have to go through every one, right?

Hmmm - Marcelo needs to stop with the tattoos. Was looking at my pix from 1999-2000, shirtless,(what a lucky day!) and he was in great shape. Now he's spoiled himself with too many tatts - he's started on his legs now! Just stop!
hehehe, he did knock it all over!!! I guess he's just intrigued by what's outside. He can see trees moving when he's in his cage so maybe he'd like to see them up close

Benito has gained weight.... he needs to lose a tiny bit...he's a little over 2kg a bit too heavy...Charlie's a lot bigger and he weighs 2.4-2.5kg....I always think he's too skinny... but every vet he went to says he's fine.

Sounds like pretty soon Marcelo will have his whole body covered then

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