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Re: Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC; rest of season inc. WTF in doubt

Originally Posted by Ash86 View Post

As for being hammered by Novak - losses which involve final set tiebreaks cannot be hammerings. Wimbledon final was the only one that was really one sided - the rest had Novak with the upper hand but nothing like a hammering - still had tough games an sets lost with one break in the main.
IW: After No2e figured it out the difference in class was evident, Nadal was left bemused in the 3rd
Madrid: straights, relatively close but No2e in dominating and Nadal (again) left bemused at the end
Rome: the same but higher quality
Wimby: First 2 sets a thorough beating, then it reduced into a tight, choking error-fest from both.
USO: Probably the biggest space in level all year, No2e just disassembling almost a comically frustrated Nadal for 2 and a half sets before encountering shoulder issues etc., even then it took a monumental effort from Nadal to get that 3rd set, so much so that he got fed a breadstick from No2e lobbing 90 mph 1st serves in the following sets.

The scorelines don't perhaps indicate hammerings but the actual matches did.

I think less of you as a person if you are a fan of Rafael Nadal.
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