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Re: Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC; rest of season inc. WTF in doubt

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Well, Ellsworth Vines was a champion tennis player, retired at 28 and 7 months, took up golf professionally, and won some tournaments, and finished top 15 in the money a couple years.

So it is not unprecedented.
There are a few things that come to mind that could make things difficult for Rafa to take on a golfing career:

- Did that Ellsworth Vines guy have a ginormous ass? Looks like that could be a disadvantage for Rafa balance and mechanic wise.

- Rafa would have to tone down the jumping all around after a good put since it could damage the greens. Other players would not be pleased if the greens were left in bad condition after a Rafa birdie...

- Golf also tends to be played on actual grass and not green clay like Wimbledon in the second week. We know Rafa is vulnerable during the first week because tennis is played on actual grass conditions...

- With all the water hazards on golf course, would Nadal be distracted and actually think about sea bass fishing instead of golfing?

- How would he manage his water bottles?

- Never saw a golf player chronically butt picking, he might be ostracized.

I am sure there are other valid reasons why it might be difficult for Rafa to switch to golf. He's no Clara Hughes after all...
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