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Re: Will Raonic win a grand slam in the future?

Imagine just Berdych with Milos´ s serve how scary it sounds and Berdych by himself has great serve, basically only FS% is what makes his serve look worse than it is, but he has great serve by himself, give Berdych Milos´s serve and he would be No.1.

Actually Milos has huge advantage in his height - he is generally as good server as Isner or Karlovic but but his height is ,,normal,, - Karlovic is maybe to tall for tennis player and he never had proper training, he was training just his serve i remember him once he said imagine if someone told me how to play BH he would be much better player, basically what Ivo achieved is by himself

Isner is still very tall probably for tennis player but instad of Karlovic he had good training, college training and see he is top 10, he has better ground game than Ivo

Now here is Milos as good server as those 2 tall guys but with ,,normal,, height, not limited by movement and with great training - training tennis for years - his couch is clay -courter that´s good some topspin safety on his shots + he can still generate amazing pace if hit it flat. So the height is actually big advantage here he has all advantages of Karlovic-Isner on serve- not the angles but basically he is as good server but he has no limitations like those guys being to tall for tennis. Really Berdych with Milo´s serve is really scary imagine - that can Milos be - probably he will never be as good as Berdych from baseline but if he just can be near as good imagine what a force he will be.
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