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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for September

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post
I asked alex this in PM but I need an anwser to this so I can go to bed which will likely be after the Fish match no matter

I'm managing Shanghai and I Have this situation:

Qualifying Final Round

Matches Counted: 0
Matches Remaining: 0

00:00 | (1) geangr (BRA) vs. cah_ (BRA)
00:00 | (2) jfed90 (CAN) vs. FernandoToshiba (BRA)
00:00 | (4) andyroddlick (CHN) vs. germah (BRA)
00:00 | (3) tenistasmex (MEX) vs. mariagsc1 (BRA)

The ones in Green sent picks. One ALT also sent. now do I put the Alt in germah's spot who sent late or do I reshuffle the draw?) (and who goes where?)

Another factor is three players in the main draw are in the USO open meaning three lucky losers automatically get in as well as the qualifiers so that's also got me confused.
Originally Posted by orangehat View Post
replacing germah looks correct to me.
I went to sleep for a couple of hours

That´s right, at first you replace germah.
Then you change the draw so that FernandoToshiba plays the ALT giving the 2nd seed a bye.
This rule was made because players complained about ALTs who were given the bonus of getting a bye in 1st round.

Here is the rule from the FAQ thread:
How to place Alternates and Lucky Losers in case players forget to send picks in?

They should be placed randomly.
If there are more spots than alternates/Lucky Losers:

Check if there are matches where both players didn't send picks. If so, the manager should place a LL there, so there is no win by Ranking.
After that, place all Lucky Losers in a way that the best ranked players (entry list rankings) go through to the next round, getting a W/O.
After that, if there are any alternates or lucky losers placed against a player/team who didn't send picks, the draw should be adjusted in order to give the byes to the best ranked players who enter the draw directly. The alternates and lucky losers should play their first round matches against the opponents of the players who were given the byes. Example:

Tennis Tipping Rules & Questions

Main draw players from Shanghai should only be replaced after matches from the US Open from today have finished.
It´s a bit unlucky with the time difference, but you should wait with replacing players from the main draw until the 4th round in singles and the 3rd round in doubles have finished.

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