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Re: Is Rafael Nadal ducking Roger Federer?

Originally Posted by RinkaWaw View Post
I understand Nadal picked up an injury, but it's now being reported that he'll be 'out' for a longer time than first expected. Understand that this is my take on it and my opinion. You can leave the post right now if you don't agree.

Now, over the last 6 months Federer has improved greatly. So much so that he's putting Novak in his place, again. His shots are so precise and devastating that the ball hits flush and on the line just about every time. He doesn't need muscle or power to hit the balls, he connects cleanly almost effortlessly. At this time we're supposed to believe that Nadal is injured. I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. Your drama was all too convenient, and I don't just consider it a coincidence

The fact of the matter is.. Nadal is a mere shell of his former self, deflated as an athlete, on both physical and mental levels. He knows of the danger that awaits him, and he want's nothing to do with it. Federer on the other hand has evolved. Federer flips a switch in his head, and goes in to bullet-time. With matrix type capabilities. Nadal can't compete with that..

I think he's at home watching and thinking to himself, 'I made the right decision'. His family, managers and friends called to tell him, THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T PLAY THE US.

Man up Nadal, I know you're reading this. Dont go into hiding. I give you respect for what you have accomplished thus far, but it's time to step up to the plate. Let's see you test yourself against the real Roger Federer. Roger Federer V2. If not just say you're scared of my boy Federer and that's that. I'll have more respect for you that way, than sitting there in hiding and avoiding the questions everyone has concerning it. Man up, or back down.

With all the dodging you do, I think the Matrix 4 director is looking for a new lead actor, and I think you pretty much got the role locked.

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