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Nothing lasts forever, and this day was inevitable, but - damn! - I just cannot imagine, how to follow tennis, when there is no Andy Roddick to root for in the pro tour anymore. It has been smth like 10+ years since I am Andy's fan. My previous favorite player Pete Sampras retired in the best possible way, not everyone is blessed to retire like he did. After Pete retired, Andy quickly became my favorite player, he still is, and I doubt that there will be any player, whom I will support more than Andy. For the last few years I tried to watch his every match, if it was possible, and, if it wasn't possible or didn't have a stream, I was always following livescore. I think I was kinda living with his career a little as well Sure, Andy's retirement doesn't mean I will follow tennis less or anything like that. Tennis is by far my favorite sport, I love and watch all kind of tennis, also challengers, futures, even lower levels. However, Andy is the player, who is at the very top of my tennis pyramid, and, despite I felt that this retirement is closing in, and probably it is the best thing for him to say goodbye, my heart is really bleeding today Thus far I couldn't hold the tears only once because of tennis, and it was when Andy lost to Roger 14-16 in W'2009. The moment, when he waves his farewell here in USO, will for sure be the 2nd time.

My biggest tennis regret is that I have never seen Andy live. I have been to ATP tournament only once, in Valencia 2010, and unfortunately Andy had chosen to play Basel that week. I wanted to go to England this year, but couldn't make a room in my schedule, and was hoping that I will get to see him next year for sure Well, this is my own fault, but that is not fixable anymore.

So... probably for the final time... Come on, Andy! Will cheer for every single point he wins, when watching TV this night
I agree my man. I totally agree.

I saw him play a few times in person once at WTT, a few times at the USO from the nose bleeds. I have a pic with him before he went on to win 2 masters and then the USO in the summer of 03'. He's really the guy that got me started in watching tennis. I was spoiled. I started watching him in 2002 and then after only watching tennis for a year he won the open and I thought it would always be like that. Unfortunately you realize sports are for the most part ultimately very disappointing.

I never recovered as a fan from the 2009 loss, it just taught me to not get my hopes up anymore.

It's just weird for years, I've looked where Andy is when the draws come out for the majors and sort of try to imagine a way he could work his way though and win the thing.

I feel like not having to watch Andy lose anymore will be a burden off my shoulders and I can just watch the tennis now and root for nice matches but I won't have to worry about being emotionally let down all the time after losses.

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Anyone who says any player has no chance against Dolgopolov is clearly trolling.
That's the gospel.
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