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$229 Ball Machine?

If you can’t commit $1000+ to one of the new portable battery-powered machines, have a look at “The Twist.”

The “Tennis Twist”: Inexepensive battery-powered ball feeder.

For less than $250 the Tennis Twist offers:

Top Speed: 15 mph
Ball Capacity: 28
Power: Battery
Ball Feed Rate: Every 5 seconds
Weight: 11 pounds
Spins: None
Oscillation: None
Warranty: 1 Year

If you’re looking to work purely on technique and can’t line up a hitting partner, this is a tidy little solution for you.

I’m tempted to buy one for myself to add some groundstrokes to serving practice.

Florian of demonstrates The Twist on my blog:

Buy the Tennis Twist for $229 + free shipping. sells the unit for a fair price.

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