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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. we all want Rafa back, even the haters :angel:

Breivik got 20 years and after that, they can prolong it with 5 years and they will review it every 5 years. Right?

Reminds me of another utter bastard:

Remember the Dutroux case? The man who, with the help of his wife and some others, abducted, imprisoned (in a hidden cavern) and sexually abused (at least) 6 children?

His wife (who, amongst other things, was responsible for starving at least two of the children to death) has been released yesterday. She will live in a convent as the nuns have offered to give her shelter (I know that they believe in giving people a second chance but still...the pedophile bishop that never got punished is also been given shelter in a monastery in France. Doesn't help the reputation of the church, to give shelter to known pedophiles)

She was arrested in 1996 and convicted in 2004 (compare that with how little time it took Norway to sentence Breivik . Then again, it was a more complicated case in the sense that they had to investigate the theory that Dutroux was part of a wider pedophile ring)

She also made sure that her properties and money are out of her hands so that the family of the victims can't get it (she has to pay out a certain amount of money to the families). So, thanks to her financial advisors, her own children will get her money instead of giving it to the families of the victims.

She doesn't seem to be very sorry for what she's done. From the money she did earn in prison, only a fraction went to that penalty she was ordered to pay.

Originally Posted by star
The women there who killed themselves and begged for abortions would be thankful to know that their bodies could have prevented conception had they been actually "*****" and not just "having a bit of fun" as the Russian high command put it.

unbelievable, the depths some people can sink to.
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