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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. we all want Rafa back, even the haters :angel:

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
As you can see, the garden is about the size of a postage stamp .
The swimming pool of the garden that won gold in my category looks about as big (or rather, small).

However, it's a nice place to be in. Throw a couple of pillows on that wooden bench, get a drink and a good book and it's perfect for me.

I'm especially pleased for the man who designed the garden because he's a great guy. The terrace (you can't see) has Vietnamese tiles on it. The man who professionally created that terrace for me committed suicide not that long ago. My garden designer was in a bit down because of it, because he was not only a co-worker but a friend.
In February this year, I'd sent him pictures to ask his help on how to prepare my garden for the Springtime. He came to my house to explain what I needed to do. When Spring arrived and the garden came in full bloom, I was so utterly happy with how the garden turned out that I sent him new pictures and I thanked him for his help.
The garden designer told the jury that my second email with those pictures helped him a great deal to get out of that down period.
He said that he was going to dedicate that silver award to his friend.

So, it's nice all around.

Heel hartelijk bedankt!

For both the pictures and the lovely story -- both sad and uplifting. (Wilde claims I dote on this type of story. )

Like Maria, I love all the wood and particularly the high walls. It seems a little sanctuary.

Also white flowers against dark greenery are my favorite.

Edited because I didn't want to mix up Hilde's garden with ugly part.
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