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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I play tennis.

My mother put me in classes at 13. I was eventually recruited by a local high school, where I worked my way up from Doubles 1 to Singles 1 in 3 years. The transition was rough, but I found a new coach along the way, with whom my game improved tremendously. By my Junior year, I won tournaments (lost some too) and could beat decent players. My game and fitness were at a high.

Unfortunately, my interest waned and I quit tennis for more than a year, until my friend convinced me to try out for the collegeís team. I practiced, and worked my way up to Singles 5-6. I hated the coach and tennis politics, though, so I bailed the following year.

Iíve done a lot of coaching in the past few years for various camps around San Diego. My own game, meanwhile, had declined due to a lack of practice and confidence. Recently, however, I hooked up with a great coach and friend who greatly lifted my play. I owe her a lot.

On my game:

Iíve always wanted to be a hit-through-you guy, but I simply lack the natural firepower. My forehandís quite heavy, so Iím better at pushing guys around and forcing opportunities.

My backhandís my staple. I can give you any type of shot with it. I have a flat, penetrating two-hander, and I have a wicked slice on that end as well. I win a lot of cheap points with backhand DTLís because players just donít anticipate it.

My first serve is average-to-poorÖ I vary it between an awesome slice and a lame flat. My second serve, however, is a mean kicker that I often use as a first. Iíve aced some good players with it, but itís prone to big-hitting returners.

My net game is inconsistent. Sometimes itís adequate, sometimes itís subpar.

Iíve recently been told by a collegiate coach that I have good footwork, which came as a pleasant surprise to me.
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