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Re: HBO game of thrones - anyone watching?

Originally Posted by seattletennisguy View Post
I just finished the 1st season. And something that confuses me. When did Bramm's father realize he'd pushed off that window ledge? The boy could never remember himself, so how did the father or mother come to know of it?
This may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen/read the series.

I'm reading the books (can't watch the tv series). The boy was a fantastic climber so the first suspicion of his mother was the fall itself. She figured that there's no way her son would have fallen by accident. Later, the knife confirmed the suspicion.
The fall left the boy in a coma for a while. He was attacked again. After that second attack, the mother & co realised that the knife used in this second murder attempt belongs to Tyrion Lannister. That second attack confirmed that the fall wasn't an accident and that the Lannisters are behind it.

The fact that Eddard Stark knew about Jamie and his sister has to do with how the children look. Eddard Stark obviously knew about the illegitimate children of Robert Baratheon. His illegitimate children all, without exception, very much look like Robert whereas the children of his wife do not, not even a bit. So, from there comes the theory that those so-called "legitimate" children are not from Robert but from Cersei's own brother. Stark understood that this was the reason why the first Hand had died as well and he was foolish enough to talk about this theory to Cersei, saying that he would inform Robert.
Cersei started plotting the deaths of Roger and Eddard Stark.

Stannis also knew that the children are not his brother's so later on in the series, he writes a letter to inform everybody involved with the struggle for the thrones, that the Lannister boy on the throne isn't a real Baratheon so has no actual claim on the throne.
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