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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for September

Originally Posted by supertec View Post
Hi, I'm managing from Como on a difficult Monday with many players who did not send. My question is:

I've readjusted the Main Draw singles giving a WO to the 4 higher ranked players who sent, but, on doubles, there are no alternate teams and no qualies were played. Should I do the same as singles or not?

00:00 | (1) andyroddlick/Shaddad (CHN/CHN) vs. (ALT) delicfan/Kev. (BIH/AUS) - VAGNOZZI, ARNABOLDI vs. VIOLA, ARGUELLO SR Differences: BRIZZI 2-0 v. BRIZZI 2-1, FABBIANO 2-0 v. FABBIANO 2-1, DE BAKKER 2-1 +2 v. DE BAKKER 2-0 +2, VAGNOZZI 2-0 v. VIOLA 2-1, CERVENAK 2-1 v. CERVENAK 2-0, ARNABOLDI 2-1 v. ARGUELLO 2-1, KOROLEV 2-1 v. KOROLEV 2-0
00:00 | jfed90/radugamer356 (CAN/CAN) vs. rneves/rafagami (BRA/BRA) - DE BAKKER, VAGNOZZI, BEGEMANN vs. MARTIN, VIOLA, BASSO SR Differences: BRIZZI 2-1 v. BRIZZI 2-0, DE BAKKER 2-0 v. MARTIN 2-1, VAGNOZZI 2-0 v. VIOLA 2-0, ARGUELLO 2-0 v. ARGUELLO 2-1, KOROLEV 2-0 v. KOROLEV 2-1, BEGEMANN 2-0 v. BASSO 2-0
00:00 | (4) duducardoso/Gillouthe best (BRA/ESP) vs. Samuel Guilherme/Felipe Abe (BRA/BRA) - Missing picks from duducardoso Missing picks from Gillouthe best
00:00 | germah/cah_ (BRA/BRA) vs. Lazyking/Freak3yman84 (USA/USA) - GIUSTINO vs. BRIZZI SR Differences: GIUSTINO 2-1 v. BRIZZI 2-0, VIOLA 2-0 v. VIOLA 2-1, CERVENAK 2-1 v. CERVENAK 2-0, BASSO 2-0 v. BASSO 2-1

00:00 | Rafael Reis/doctorlopes (BRA/FRA) vs. jpaulo1610/brimoz (BRA/BRA) - Missing picks from Rafael Reis Missing picks from doctorlopes
00:00 | Sonja1989/rajknier (HUN/NED) vs. (3) cswab22/Frederik (USA/USA) - VIOLA +2 vs. VAGNOZZI +2 SR Differences: VIOLA 2-0 +2 v. VAGNOZZI 2-0 +2, CERVENAK 2-1 v. CERVENAK 2-0
00:00 | Matt121/RNW (AUS/SUI) vs. Mae/Ramsay (USA/POR) - Missing picks from Matt121
00:00 | (ALT) fsilva/Toooom (POR/FRA) vs. (ALT) Rafael Fernando/geangr (BRA/BRA) - Missing picks from Rafael Fernando

I think the answer should be leave it like it is...
Huh? How come there are Alt teams in the draw, if you say that there are no alternate teams?
If it is like this, indeed, no change would be made, because it will only be changed if a match has two team where at least one player forget. This would mean that the second round is also a WO for someone, that is why we change that.
But how about the Alternate teams in the draw, what was the original draw, that is important!
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