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Re: Post Pics of Tennis players with their girlfriends or wives

Originally Posted by Dmitry Verdasco View Post
Why isn't she skinny for him? That's all I don't understand. She was quite the stunner back when she wasn't so plump.
Well, as Coluta said, if women only had to put a bit of effort into it to be skinny, don't you think women would stop obsessing over their weight and making themselves crazy with diets that don't work?
It really isn't that easy. Everyone has a different metabolism, and women (or men) are definitely not equal in that regard.
Women's bodies are "designed" by nature to put on fat and to keep that fat (because nature is an old-fashioned bitch and thinks we're only there to have babies ). That's why when we exercise, from what I've read, it takes 40min of sustained effort to only *begin* losing fat, whereas men who exercise start shedding fat almost as soon as they start exercising.
So, basically, nature makes it extremely hard for women to be skinny unless they're naturally skinny, and society puts the most pressure on them to be skinny, which is kind of f**** up when you think about it.

So, what happened to Mirka? For one, she used to be a tennis player, I believe. That's what kept her skinnier, if you exercise like 7 or 8 hours a day, it's not that hard to be skinny (and even then, if you're not made to be skinny, you still won't be, I guess).

Then, she stopped playing and logically gained weight. AND she's had babies! Pregnancy can change your body and your metabolism dramatically. Some women will be completely unaffected, and some will put on a LOT of weight and never be able to go back to their former weight, no matter how hard they try. Age also slows down metabolism to make things even worse.

Add to this the fact that if she works a lot for Roger's career and has to take care of the kids, she probably doesn't have much time to exercise anyway...
And although I agree with you that she was probably prettier when she was younger, I still think she's a beautiful woman and Roger seems to be perfectly happy with her. It's not her fault that many other WAGs look like Barbie dolls (and often, appear to have nothing else to do than watch their men play tennis, so I guess they have time for exercising, too )
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