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Re: S.Q.T. (stupid question thread)

Originally Posted by _Chaz View Post
I think there are 2 different definitions, at least for me, because I also had problems with that term and as I see now I was/am not the only one.

One definition is when "show court" is used as a synonym to "televised (TV) courts". I think that's the more common definition because I assume that if somebody wants to know how many show courts there are, then he/she wants to know how many courts are provided with TV cameras.

The other definition is a bit difficult and also a bit inprecise. Often, especially on the tournament websites etc., show court is used when they talk about the bigger courts with stands and so on. Or let's say, then they mean the courts "which differ from the remaining courts" or are "unique". As you could see from the US Open example in the first quote, they only have 4 show courts. And those 4 look completely different to each other and the remaining courts (although Grandstand and LA don't look that different imo). And then when you watch a match from court 11 or 13, you would think this court exists like 10 times on site, just with another name/number.

I hope I could help and my description wasn't that bad although my written English is not the best there is and I'm still learning English at school.

Thanks. It did help. Repped.

As for the second definition, I always used to think(not sure why) that a show court is one which has "proper" seating on all four sides. AFAIK, Court 11 and 13 for the USO (in the BJKNTC) have stands only on three sides, and thus are not show courts in this definition.
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