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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I am basically old fart. I play mix of McEnroe and Lendl. Since I played tennis in 70es and beginning of 80es. My first stick was wooden one, so nothing under 350gramms does not work in my left hand.

Currently, I like my speed, flat forehands. Anticipation is great. Solid one hand backhand diagonals. Backhand slice on all sides. Almost all balls placed on serve line. No metro-sexual stuff with shoots in serving fields.

My volleys are slow because I am older. I plan to fix my focus. Serve was solid and I do not practice that. Another thing on to do list.

I like when opponents playing high spins so I can play half volley on their balls. And that is funny. Basically, I hate spin and my shots goes few centimeters over the net.

I especially hate playing with someone who care more about result and not quality of played. Cheers.
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