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Re: Nolpotro Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
How did I miss this thread???

Thanks Mark for opening one. I opened the Nolandy thread and it was also very successful.

I love Delpo, after Murray he's probably my fave. Obviously, Nole is in a class of its own.

Nolpotro friendship is genuine and both are great guys on and off court. They seem to care a lot for each other. Fedal is fake, Nolandy seems to be only genuine from Nole's part and we all saw how Rafa reacted to Nole last year. so Rafole is also out.
Delpo and Nole, this will be the rivalry of the future.
Great post, agree with it all

As for the last bit, it is definitely possible, but it depends on Delpo's health. He needs to finally catch a break with his injuries to join Nole at the top of the game. 2012 was another injury ridden year for him, let's hope it's the last of it. If so, he and Nole can definitely play a lot of awesome big matches in the future for sure.

Originally Posted by DjokerFan3 View Post
What bad luck that Delpo is drawn into Nole's quarter at US Open this year... , a match in the semis or final would have been awesome.

If their QF match does happen, I hope it will be a great match.
Yes, horrible luck, it was the one draw I did not want. But yeah, let's hope they both reach the QF, play an awesome match and whoever wins goes all the way. If Juan's wrist is ok, don't think anyone will stop him before QF (only one with a chance would be Nalby, I'd say). Nole will of course be there too.
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