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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I was on the LTA Futures list when I was younger - used to have tennis camps down at Bisham Abbey, also beat Dan Evans in the final of a tournament in Telford in 3 sets - still remember it like it was yesterday
Play very aggressive tennis, was frustrating when I was younger as I didn't have the power I do now after growing and couldn't hit through all the hackers (pushers) I played against. One of the reason's I stopped playing as much was the amount of cheating that went on as we all had to call our own lines.
Strongest shot is actually my two handed backhand which I can always rely on, forehand is more powerful but more erratic. Got a pretty good serve when I get in my rhythm, personal favourite is the body serve straight at the opponent

Also coached tennis in England and just finished 6 months coaching in Melbourne which was so good!

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