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Re: Players threaten to boycott the AO!

Originally Posted by AnnaK_4ever View Post

The concept of socialism? Yes, it's offensive cos it's based on lies and and only lies.
+1 communism was run by the olygarchs
it was the biggest scam ever
thank God for putin who ran those slimy bastards out of russia

tennis doesnt need socialism- its a flawed idea because the people with the money will never give it up
and the people who dont have it will never rise up so will become slaves like they were under stalin

right now the slams are run olygarchs
most tv rights money
and attendence money goes to those greedy pigs
very little goes to tennis players
they feed the top 50 with crumbs
the real money for top guys comes from the slave labor camp owners "nike adidas" who work asians 20 hours a day for 50p so that someone in the west can pay $100 for a pair of sneakers

fact is those slave labor camps are what pay the top 4

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