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Re: If a tournament winner gets exposed as a doper, should he be stripped off his awa

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Gee, I wonder what is abraxas' agenda in the OP

Give it a rest, man. You like a certain right hander, and dislike a certain left hander.

We get it. Mods, does this thread count as a doping accusation? Thinly veiled, but anyone who knows anything knows what's going on here.
Don't be dramatic. Yes, there are obvious underlying comments from abraxas, but whatever, the actual question itself is actually something interesting and hasn't really been brought up.

Finding out someone was a doper is certainly very tough in tennis. Like was said earlier, it fucks everything from the first match onward. It certainly isn't like other sports such as cycling or running where you can just take him out and bump up everyone behind him. One day I hope drug testing reaches new levels of innovation, consistency and accuracy because as is it seems rather easy to get away with so much..

However, I do have to say, while doping is certainly cheating and by no way would I advocate doping, but for a sport like tennis, does it actually help? I mean as my private coach would always say, tennis is 80% mental, so no matter how many years of doping you have, if you can't mentally win an important or if you don't have good technique or whatever, you aren't going to win. So while doping is certainly a serious offense, honestly, if a player couldn't beat a doper, I doubt it had anything to do with the person being a doper, but rather one just being mentally stronger or just a better tennis player. If I remember correctly, back in 2007 when Roddick was asked about Canas' return to the game, Roddick said something like "it wasn't like he didn't know how to play tennis" and I think that is exactly right about dopers. So again just to reiterate my point, while doping certainly is cheating and any player caught doping should be punished heavily, I don't think it really truly has a great bearing on our sport of tennis as it does nothing for your techniques, gameplay, shot selection and mental strength which are all much more important than the physical aspects doping can "help" with, so any player losing to a doper IMO has nothing to do with the doper being a doper (unless something way out of the norm is evident like the guy is hitting 200 MPH serves, lol..)

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