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Re: If a tournament winner gets exposed as a doper, should he be stripped off his awa

IMO, he should be stripped of his title(and the trophy). But, the title should not be awarded to the runner up. The RUP remains the RUP with no winner of the tournament. In tennis a player needs to win the championship match to actually get the title. You beat the player on the other side of the net, not the entire field. A RUP in tennis cannot be compared to a second position in a sport like cycling or golf.

I strongly disagree with some posters in this thread who think that no action should be taken. That is just insane. If the players are "allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies", as Redeyz suggests, the players who used PED's would get a huge advantage over players who don't. It would reach a stage where every player would have to dope to compete at the big stages. Also, the sport would also lose a lot of it's charm. Most fans would not want to watch two roid machines slug it out, where one Player A hits the ball at 270 kmph and Player B scrambles around like a possessed man and return it with some juice.(Exaggerated to make a point)
That being said, I would not be surprised to find out that the ITF/ATP has hidden instances of doping, something similar to the Agassi incident. If any multiple GS winner(not pointed fingers here) were to be exposed as a doper, tennis would lose.

If a player is found guilty of doping, he should only be stripped of the titles he won during the period where he was caught. It would be unfair to take away all his titles. Similar to Alberto Contador's case. AFAIK, he was stripped of his 2010 TdF, but not his 2007 one.
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