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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I'm basicaly a Flavia Pennetta, she just does everything a little better than me.

Brought up on clay courts, I hit with a bit too much top spin on my forehand, partly because I like to create angles and partly because I don't like missing. I have a solid two handed backhand (I try to copy Murray there), can hit a very good defensive slice because when I started playing tennis all I knew was how to slice the ball. My serve is mediocre with ups and downs, depends on a day a lot. Can crack a few 170km/h first serves (speed estimated by my coach), but second serve is my biggest weakness, can't produce much top spin or kick.
My volleys are not bad, but not great. Can hit some incredible drop volleys or half volleys like a boss, but can also miss an easy volley like a clown. Smash troubles me for some reason, find it difficult to put the ball away.
I'm sort of a patient counterpuncher, but try to attack when given a chance. Depends from what opponent is giving to me.
I don't like fast indoor surfaces too much, stronger bitches can blow me off the court there. But most of the time opponents must earn their points and matches against me.

In my futures carrer I have saved a MP two times and it's the most wonderful feeling I have never lost a match having MP, but I choked away some set points and threw away many 4-2 or 5-3 leads or got broken when serving for it (Seppi sindrome).

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